Real Estate & Business Attorney

Tim Giacometti is a solo practitioner representing clients of all sizes in residential and commercial real estate and business transactions. He is licensed in Washington and has a professional background in real estate finance.

For twelve years with downtown Seattle law firms, Tim represented institutional investors, community development organizations, nonprofits, large and small businesses and high net worth individuals in a broad range of real estate and business transactions. He established his own practice in March, 2013 to advise clients in a responsive and cost-effective manner.

Tim has represented clients in the following real estate transactions:

  • Office, industrial and retail leases
  • Purchases and sales of commercial and residential property
  • Commercial loans
  • Condominium formation
  • Easements
  • Joint ownership (tenancy in common) agreements
  • Property management and listing agreements

Tim’s business practice includes the formation of entities (typically, limited liability companies in connection with real estate transactions) and the negotiation and closing of secured loans and other commercial contracts.

Tim strives first and foremost to help his clients fully consider a reasonable allocation of risks assumed in any transaction and to negotiate the appropriate agreements that accurately reflect that allocation. Inherent in that perspective is the understanding that no transaction is risk-free and over-lawyering a transaction is rarely in a client’s best interest.